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The Design of Googa Mooga

Posted in Architecture, Concerts, Design, Events, Music, Nature, New York City, OurVinyl, Photography, Review on May 23, 2012 by Jesse Zryb

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When Frederick Law Olmstead designed Prospect Park in the 19th Century, it’s hard to imagine that he envisioned metallic flame-throwing pigs, 30’ tall wedding cakes, or a Big Gay Ice Cream Party; but alas, this was the sight at the first ever Great Googa Mooga this past weekend. Located in the rolling green meadows of the Nethermead in the center of the park, this festival offered an escape from the city unlike any other. It was produced by the very people who brought the entire landscape of music festivals to what we know today.

Superfly Presents is the team responsible for Bonnaroo and Outside Lands as well as the JazzFest late night shows in New Orleans, which propelled them forward and helped establish them in the music scene. They are in a large part responsible for the growth of music festivals as a platform to seeing all of your favorite artists.  With Googa Mooga, they are hoping to do to food and drink what they did with music – make it the star and main attraction. That’s not to say that music is being thrown to the curb here; the servings are just being reshuffled and offered in a new way.

To help bring this vision to life; Superfly turned to architecture and design firm Rockwell Group and their years of experience in the restaurant industry and other hospitality and entertainment ventures. Rockwell Group’s fascination with immersive environments and creating human connections made them the leading candidate for this kind of role with the green pastures of Olmstead ripe for a drastic makeover. In their 2006 publication Spectacle, Rockwell Group documented temporary gatherings of all kinds such as the Olympics, Worlds Fairs, Burning Man, and circuses identifying some of the major attributes (Big, Bold, Brief, Connections, Transformations, Immersion) which led to the lasting memories and impacts that such events have. With Googa Mooga, there was an opportunity to apply these principles to a new festival and to identify and establish the brand that is to be for years. Continue reading

Photos from the Great Googa Mooga

Posted in Concerts, Design, Events, Music, Nature, New York City, OurVinyl, Photography on May 21, 2012 by Jesse Zryb

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Bring to Light: Nuit Blanche New York 2011

Posted in Design, Events, New York City, Photography, Pink Powered by Moss on October 3, 2011 by Jesse Zryb

Bring to Light

Nuit Blanche New York

Mad Mapper Workshop for Bring to Light Festival

Posted in Design, Events, Pink Powered by Moss on September 28, 2011 by Jesse Zryb

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Last night, we sponsored one of Bring to Light’s workshops involving MadMapper which is one of the leading tools for video projection mapping today. If you’re not already familiar with this up and coming technology, you should check out a few videos of the growing art-form. MadMapper is software which provides an easy-to-use interface for mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane which allowing you to create dynamic visuals that are completely adapted to the surface on which you’re projecting. Architectural works provide an amazing canvas for this technology, which we’ve seen recently on iconic New York structures such as the Manhattan Bridge from last week’s DUMBO Arts Festival or the New Museum (pictured above).

For this workshop, we found that our Pinkometry series provides ideal surfaces to demonstrate the capabilities of projection mapping. These pieces can be easily stacked and angled, and the end-results can be stunning. We definitely look forward to seeing what possibilities lie ahead for this emerging medium. Expect to see even more dazzling light forms at the Bring to Light festival in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this Saturday starting at 6pm!

Zumba Convention in Orlando

Posted in Design, Events, Pink Powered by Moss on July 26, 2011 by Jesse Zryb


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When the Latin music workout/lifestyle phenomenon Zumba was planning to produce their 10th Anniversary Instructors Convention, they were determined to find that extra special decorative element that would not only reinforce their brand identity but would serve to add a visual excitement and extra energy to the festivities.

When Zumba producer Jonathan Perlman first met with the Pink team in Orlando in March, he knew instantly that he had found the right decorative design company – everyone shared the same fun vibe and artistic sensibility. This was made especially clear when Pink presented its initial design proposals to the delight of Zumba’s creative team. Clearly, a synergy was formed and a creative relationship was born – one that promises an exiting future of collaboration.

The presence, power and extra-large scale of Pink’s fabric structures along with the integration of Zumba’s colors into unique designs made these two companies a perfect match.

An unexpected challenge was the rigging limitations imposed by the Peabody Hotel, Orlando. Having recently opened a new wing to accommodate such massive conventions like Zumba, the Peabody was being particularly protective, perhaps rightly so, of their huge scale ballroom area. Pink designs became a perfect solution for the cavernous grand foyer – serving as visual landmarks – which featured a series of modified Moss Event Arches – 30’ wide x 20’high with specially modified Pink signature Turning Birds. Together, these elements delineated the main thoroughfare and afforded a visual excitement to an otherwise uninvolved space where the wildly enthusiastic 6500 attendees passed through.

The highly caffeinated event turned out to be a huge success with thousands of Zumba fanatics buying millions of dollars of merchandise in a frenzied atmosphere all bolstered by the extra added visual excitement of Pink products. The client was thrilled.

Design Museum Holon

Posted in Architecture, Art, Design, Travel on July 25, 2011 by Jesse Zryb

In 2010, the Design Museum Holon officially opened to rave reviews and brought a lot of attention from the design world to this Israeli city located just outside of Tel Aviv. The first thing that captures your eye when you see this building are these brightly colored ribbons weaving around, and upon further investigation you find that they create a highly functional museum, tied together by these striking sculptural forms.

The museum, which was designed by Ron Arad Architects, is part of a 16-year regeneration plan instituted by the Mayor of Holon, Motti Sasson, to establish the town as a center for design, culture, and education. It joins the already built Mediatheque Theater, Mediatheque Public Library, Holon Cinematheque, and the Israeli Cartoon Museum as part of the Holon Mediatheque campus.

The Design Museum Holon showcases site-specific exhibitions focusing on design concepts, objects and architecture. The museum also houses an extensive material librarywhere designers from all different fields can find an extensive collection along with other valuable information for their taking. Currently on display at the museum is an exhibit called New Olds, which examines new ways of looking at common materials and how to assemble (or re-assemble) them.  If you find yourself in Israel, the Mediatheque campus makes for a great visit and this iconic new museum helps establish the city of Holon as a cultural and design hub within the Middle East.

Israeli Street Art

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